Looking for new paths...!

22 Jan 2021
Looking for new paths...!


Actually, to publish an-English-newspaper has been a project of me that has been planned for a long time. It was such an idea that every time we mentioned about it, we were really excited. It always made us imagine the designs of the pages. It is such an honour and beyond a perfect feeling to have the real newspaper in our hands and gather praises and compliments from our readers. Because we have had long debates on publishing it and now it’s real… 

Nowadays, the happiness of living another first in our lives makes us chase new discoveries. It has been told a lot that this initiative is inspiring the youth

The Konya News gained a general approval both in digital platforms and as printed edition. Our newspaper accepted the congratulations from all over the country. With its first volume, The Konya News created a feeling as it has always been there and as it has always been in publishing business.

The Konya News was met as a late friend waited for a long time by its readers.

In this context, this newspaper represents an enterprising soul which is on a world travel by undertaking the whole city with all its values. The Konya News is conscious about the important representation responsibility and continues its path with universal journalism rules as a young and free voice.

The Konya News entered the press world as a new host for the invitation of “COME” which is originally an invitation of Rumi who calls the humanity to Konya and universal language of love for centuries.


We think that we opened a new window from Konya to the people all over the world with a new voice and a new breath.

If someone is able to look through this window, s/he will have the chance to see the opportunities and beauties of this city. They will see that the people who live in Konya are not very different from them and they desire the love, the peace and to serve for the common ground of humanity together.

In this sense, The Konya News is a bridge.

We are looking for new paths of the fellowship from our hearts to yours.

We owe a debt of gratitude to everyone who supported, encouraged and appreciated us.   

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