Investors’ attention going on Organized Industrial Zones

18 Mar 2021
Investors’ attention going on Organized Industrial Zones

Investors’ attention is going on Organized Industrial Zones that are planned industrial areas of Turkey. Memiş Kütükçü, OSBÜK (Organized Industrial Zones Upper Corporation) President, stated that a thousand and 840 new industrial parcels are assigned to investors in the second half of 2020 in organized industrial zones. Memiş Kütükçü, OSBÜK President, has shared the information that, at the moment, there are 347 organized industrial zones in Turkey including the zones assigned to agriculture. He mentioned that the one-stop service concept of organized industrial zones and investment opportunities give huge advantages to investors. 

Kütükcü gave information about the investment opportunities of organized industrial zones and said that “our organized industrial zones are providing important opportunities to our investors with their investment encouragement advantages and with their one-stop service concept understanding that is away from bureaucracy. For instance, an investment in the organized industrial zone takes the advantages of investment encouragement of a sub-region compared to an investment out of the organized industrial zone. And this gives our investors advantages in various areas such as tariffs, corporation income taxes, social security institution employer’s share support, and interest support. Besides, for our companies that are in the organized industrial zones, there are some other important supports such as real property tax exemption, cut-price land allocation and fees exemption.”

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